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Easy to start selling online on Fair Tax Marketplace just 3 simple steps


Register and List your Products

  • Sign up your store/business by filling in the information on the form at our sign up page. Once we approve your account, we will send you login details so you can begin adding products
  • Need help adding products? We offer a service where we will set up your store, add up to 20 items and have you all ready to sell out of the box for a small one time fee of $150. If you would like us to take and add pictures of your items, we can for an additional $5 per item.

Receive Orders and Sell your Product

  • Once your store and items are listed in the marketplace, you can begin selling items by directing people to your page on the site. If you have a domain name that your would like to forward to the site, we can help you set that up...but one is not necessary to start selling.
  • You will receive and manage orders through our selling system in your store portal. You also can review messages, add new products, remove products, etc. Assistance is available for any help you may need in online sales.

Get Payments and Grow your Business

  • Receive Orders from shoppers and get payment into your account via PayPal. Orders should be shipped out within 48 hrs of being received. Returns and Refunds are your responsibility, however we do have a minimum 2 day return policy on all products sold on our site (please see return policy page)


Affordable, transparent, and secure

It doesn’t cost a thing to list up items.
You can set up your store by yourself for FREE
We can set up your store, up to 20 items, for you

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